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General Information
Area: 6,570 sq km
Population: 253,239 (2000)
Kirsehir province which was the scene of various civilizations for thousands of years, various historical works alone, underground cities, not with the rich thermal sources, Seyfe Lake (Bird Paradise) like natural beauties and also draws attention
Kirsehir and investigations around the province's history, Early Bronze Age (3000-2000 BC) dates back to the show. Then, the Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans ruled the region.
Commercial and economic life of Anatolia for centuries played a major role in the Organisation of Akhi, 13th century 'has been established in Kırşehir. A trades organization, the accuracy of Akhism basis, based on mutual aid and respect.
Kirsehir Province is located in the middle of Anatolia, the cradle of civilization. With a geographic location is very important because it is a beginning to the present, has been a place that has the important cultures. Archaeological surveys and excavations of human settlements in Kırşehir BC 3.binde has started to come. Pieces of pottery from this period are obtained from Kırşehir mounds.
Turkish and Italian archaeologists in the 1930s by the center of the town of Kirsehir hashöyükte BC in the archaeological excavations 3. have revealed the remains of thousands of pottery.
BC 2. thousandth of the Hittite period of Assyrian Trade Colonies Period, and we see the beginning. Hirfanli coast of the Red River dam operation of the Old Hittite Period brought two ox-head Protom the altar, which is one of your favorite with the village Kaleköy known as the Hittite hieroglyphic inscriptions written malkayası road and in the excavations of the Kaman Kalehöyük'te seals ceramic kitchen utensils, wall technique of formal structures made with the buildings and so on. The most important traces of the Hittite period.
Skip to the Old Hittite and Phrygian period of early and late Hittite periods, then the current archaeological excavations and surface surveys there were intensive learning. BC 550 Anatolia was completely dominated by the Persians. Kirsehir this period in the history of the Cappadocia region of Central Anatolia is considered as the famous. Pers'lerin do with their military occupation of Anatolia not only important because of the settlement remains from this period in Kırşehir Kaman Kalehoyuk excavations and finds, despite rastlanmamasına pers were the seals of the period. BC Persians With the armies of Alexander the Great came to Anatolia in 334 Pers'leri ends with defeat. BC Due to lack of established authority in the kingdom of Cappadocia in 333, and Kırşehir region has seen intense pressure. Anno Domini The Roman emperor Tiberius to Rome, has added 18 and the state has made Kadadokya'yı officially.
Roman and putperesliğin is strong, both Christianity spread rapidly in a period. Kirsehir of worship and refuge for the Christians of this period building in the underground city was found that up to 15 large and small. Historical studies in Kırşehir during the Roman period and even as an intermediate is an important political center, the provincial capital, has emerged a short time.
Kirsehir Makissos the name of the late Roman period, AD 5. century. continued until the first quarter. Emperor 1 The period of Justinian (527-565) was the name of re-establishing Justinianapolis. However, with the use of this name is not known how long. Byzantine-era church, a three foot near the village of Taburoğlu connected to the center of Kirsehir, Kaman Temirli'deki church, Mucur Aksaklı and down the rock churches of the village, Derefakılı churches, monasteries and the discovery there is the palace Mucur. Byzantine-era oil lamps around waterford, jewelry, blue, yellow-colored glazed pottery items are found.
Date of the Seljuk period, Kırşehir, Kirsehir Anatolian Turks, as well as in the history of all very important and worth investigating. Kırşehir urbanization 13 century. started early during the Seljuk period. Erzincan Selçuklu'larla mengücük dynasty defeated his battle orders Muzafferüddin Malik Muhammad during the war because of common sense shown in 1228 as a fief given in Kirsehir. Malik Muhammad Muzafferüddin 1230'lu during the years of residence in Kirsehir Melik Gazi Medrese was built.
All the defeat of the Mongols who invaded Anatolia in 1240 Kösedağ yaylak Kirsehir and have made winter quarters. Kirsehir, the Mongols arrived in this city of long-time military has made an important political and military center.
Kirsehir 1260'lı years Emir Nureddin Jibril of establishing good relations as a result of thousands of Mongolians in Kırşehir Cacabey-based development activities in the Turkish period, has two. madrasas astronomy, one of the Red River next to the first Cacabey Medresseh Cacabey hanına many large and small structure built and maintained as well.
13th century 'the unity of the Anatolian Turks, and in particular trades and sanatkarlarını teşkilatlandıran Ahi Ervan, Denizli, Konya and Kayseri and then continued studies in this Kirsehir Kirsehir Akhism central state has come. Then continued to be the center of Akhism Evran'dan Kirsehir Ahi. Kirsehir zafiyede from Azerbaijan Bosnia and Herzegovina in the decisions taken have been effective over a wide area.
Brat Meyvana'nın in 1293 by his son Sultan with the aim to spread Mevlevi envoys sent to certain centers in Anatolia. Solomon sent an envoy to Kirsehir Türkmani'dir sheikh. Solomon Turkmani Mevlevi dervish who spread a Kırıehir'de here. Cacabey'in with the proximity of Mevlana, Rumi Cacabeye is understood that the regard of the letters. Aladdin's also the son of Mevlana in Konya, Kirsehir result of mixing of the name in the killing of solar Tebrizi known to regress. Kirsehir Anatolia All of them understood that one of the important centers of the Mevlevi.
kirsehir ahi evren camii
Kirsehir 13th century from the 15th century until the middle of Anatolia, the most important political, social, and cultural centers continued to be one.
Anatolia at the beginning of the beginning of the 14th century, the famous tasavvufçu Love aydınlatanların beyitlik 12 thousand Turkish Pasha "Garibname" has written to give. Turkish language who want to become an official language in 1299 after Karaman, Mehmet Bey Aşıkpaşa out with the Turkish culture, Turkish written language and widely sokmuştur best.
Attar, who lived in Kırşehir Ferideddin "Logic-Ut Tayr" the largest of his work translated to Turkish mutasavvuf after the great poet Yunus Emre, Ahmed stated that GÜLşEHRi'nin. Yunus Emre, as well as all of them lived in Kırşehir, died, grave is in the Town of Kirsehir Ulupınar on the hill known to have visited
kirsehir asik pasa turbesi
provincial territory 900-1200 m. altitude highlands. Over the surface of the plateau is located in the mountains reaching the height 1700 m.ye. Kirsehir province is going through many big and small rivers, the Red River is one of them. Kirsehir steppe in general appearance. Poor in terms of forest. The valley bottoms and wetlands in places where there are poplar and fruit orchards.
There is a continental climate of Kırşehir. Winters are cold and hard if not continuous as in the Eastern Anatolia. Summers are hot and dry, spring rain, less rainy autumn ..
Do not Leave Without
Cacabey Mosque, Mosque, Ahi Ervan, Cagatay Medrese without seeing
Without having to visit the thermal spas,
'Onxy'den buying souvenirs made of,
Tasting Keşkef
... Dönmeyin.